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Catalonia 2017

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I was meant to write about what we Catalans experienced last 01-10-2017. Since there’s no words to explain what we lived and felt on that Sunday I decided to post a  video instead. No one of us wants to remember that day, but no one of us is willing to forget either.


An interesting turn around”

Uni days went by pretty well, thanks to mum and dad whom did and would have done ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to make sure that we, the three siblings, were getting the proper education / uni degrees. Will never be able to thank to these two amazing persons what they did for the three of us.


Back in the early 2000’s I was often encouraged by fiends and family to write a book. Well not in a serious manner, but as a way of acknowledging the fairly big amount of experiences I had lived at my early 20’s… as you can imagine, I never did start writing a book,