Business & Sales

I am an Industrial Engineer but most of my career roles have always orbited around sales. At age 26 I was the Country Sales Manager for a company within the packaging industry. In 2012 I decided to move to Sydney, Australia. Learning English the hard way widened up my horizons and communication possibilities.

We use the word selling when we talk about a money involved transaction, but everyone need to sell something AND themselves in life. Whether it is convincing your wife to go to the movies or when getting a new job, you have to know how to sell!

We ALL need to convince someone on something more often than not on a daily basis, no matter what your career is. Selling in life is CRUCIAL! I recommend reading Grant Cardone, I don’t believe on everything he teaches about sales but he is very spot on, click on the link if you feel curious about him:

Emotional Intelligence

We are taught at school Intelligence is only measured by IQ, and we stick to it our entire lives wondering why sometimes people who seem not so "intelligent" get always what they want, or have higher level roles in companies and organisations. IQ is not the only way to measure intelligence. I love that sentence:

“CEOs are hired because of their IQ and are fired because of their EQ”

The ability to step up the ladder not always depends on IQ. The ability to be likeable, to empathise with others, to manage teams, to listen to and to be heard… It all has LOTS to do with Emotional Intelligence. If you want to know more, the place to start is this book: “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman (link below). This book is ENLIGHTENING. I will let you discover by yourself what EQ is, and why is so important that you improve and get good at understanding and increasing your EQ levels.

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