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It’s again this time of the year, I can’t help looking back and tick the boxes, if any… To be fair I will leave 2016 out of the equation, although 2016 and 2017 are part 1 and part 2 of the same story…

Settling in Spain after my years in Down Under has taken me over a year, 2017 was the “easy” bit. 2016 was rough, very rough.

If I had to choose two presents from 2017, I would undoubtedly pick two things: The people I met along the way and the learnings I had to go through to be able to understand my failures.

We all go through little successes and failures almost on a daily basis, we usually pay more attention to the bigger ones though. Since I got back in 2016 I moved home 3 times, lived in 4 different cities and worked in 4 different companies… I feel like I finally made it. Found my place not far from my homeland, I got myself doing something I am passionate about and learning things I’ve been discovering along the way.

I see now clearer than ever we are all made of bits and pieces we pick from here and there. We subconsciously sometimes pick the things we like from others and make them our own. We are constantly learning, from everyone and from everything going on in our lives. We choose the people we encounter and the situations we live, we face the same kind of issues until we learn how to deal with them, believe it or no, that’s just the way it is. We do have to learn how to overcome certain things before understanding the whys. Our fellow travellers have come our way to give us a lesson, to show us something we can’t miss. If you want to understand the reason for things happening to you, just ask yourself: WHY? You will find out there is always something behind the curtain you haven’t got right yet.

I’ve learnt the hard way I need to work on my EI. I could’ve done a much better work in one of my last job positions. It was disappointing at first, but rewarding once I understood why I did have to go through that particular situation. It costed me a “friendship”, or better said, it made me realised who was NOT my friend to start with… It took me a while to understand this, at first I was just frustrated because something wasn’t working the way I wanted. It takes time to connect the dots!

I’ve also observed how it is like to do for a living something you are passionate about. I’ve realised how effortless it is when you do not feel like working anymore¬†and do your job joyfully instead! I enjoyed so much the time I spent with my beloved Alex, she’s got a beautiful energy, she’s bright, charming and inspiring. Even though our lives follow different paths, we share this space and time.

The 2017 has been a very successful and fruitful year indeed, now I find myself working on something I can’t have enough of, while learning something I am kinda addicted to. Interacting with people is amazing. Whether it is for business or personal relationships, mastering the way you communicate to others can be exciting, intriguing and challenging at the same time. I can say I found another of my great passions in life. I am happy just as I was back in Australia. It took nearly two years and lots of ups and downs to get that feeling back, but hey, it’s all part of the process!!

We are very complex beings. We never stop learning from the very moment we are just born. The source of knowledge is infinite for those who dare to try and jump out of their comfort zones, the list of options is endless. Realising you can do, be or achieve WHATEVER you want, is empowering. I’ve come up to the conclusion we are LIMITLESS. We shall all live our life experience as what it is, don’t settle for surviving, we should all strive to thrive and enjoy the journey to its fullest!

Merry Xmas and happy new year 2018 to everyone!!!


Stop dreaming your life, start living the dream!

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