When dreams came true

Sydney, Australia. 2013

“MB4 Business” was born from the desire of helping others achieve their goals by making their dreams come true. Australia is the place for the entrepreneurs, the "new land of opportunities" as I call it, where hard work and commitment bring bigger results that in some other places around the globe. For the “multi-talented” foreigner keen to do anything and everything to thrive and be successful, Down Under is the place. And here I was, not able to say a word in English, but with two real superpowers: My will and my enthusiasm!

Once in our lifetime, we all have this crazy idea we never end up following through. It could probably make us a good living, but we give it up even before we try it out… Sometimes because we convince ourselves that it is just too crazy of an idea, sometimes it is just because it looks too difficult, sometimes we just don't believe in ourselves... But most of the times we just have no clue of how to put the idea to work or how to sell our product. It happens that not always the smart and creative people are also good or talented at selling their ideas and themselves!

In this case, my crazy idea consisted on putting these smart and creative people’s ideas to work. I was experienced in marketing, I had worked in sales and business management for years and I was keen and willing to learn everything I didn't know yet to get my idea rolling. So I started teaching myself on web coding, on audio and video editing software management and on vector graphics editors. Put everything into a mixer, shook it up very well and MB4 was just born!

I called tis idea: The Marketing Before Business Lab (MB4). At the beginning my customers were startups. After a while we included in our portfolio some consolidated Australian business, mostly from Sydney (at this stage we were a few working in MB4). Shaping your ideas was our motto.

The question was and still is: Do you dare to dream?