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“When everything started”

All stories must have a beginning and also an end, we will leave the End for later, and hope it takes long to come by… But the start of this rebellion, or personal story if you will took place in High School. An institute in a far enough city for me to be “forced” to spend my whole lecture days away from home. Catching busses, or using hitch- hiking to get back home. We can talk for long about that simple thing, you would never imagine what whole lot of stories came out of hitch-hiking…

Long story short; this 15 years old, shy and used to play video-games at home most of his time, was now out for good. This was kinda an inflexion point, a really important one. I would go from not getting outta my parents place, enjoying myself playing the Atari 2000 or sharing one afternoon every now and then with one of my two besties to something much different. At least to my mum’s eyes.

My days at high school didn’t go unnoticed, for no one actually. Must be also said, my willingness to try new things, experience drugs or be the bad boy, never altered my capacity to keep delivering good academic results. Well, almost never.

I remember how I was in the principal office every week, giving explanations about things I did usually with another mate. Guys I would tease, girls I would chase, or even potential beatings the rest of the guys at the Institute had scheduled specifically for my mate and me to learn this valuable lesson. Apparently they thought we couldn’t just come to a new city and tease and hassle everyone else at school… Well, eventually we did stop; there was no need for a beating us up anymore.

If I look back now, after realizing how immature and young we were, I also realize how most of the kids that wanted us to die under their chains and bates, are today some of my best friends. And most of them became good friends after a few years of these events at the school. I was all setup, I got my assessments done, ready and able to choose any University and subject I wish. Being a 17 years old kid does not help making these kind of choices, but hey! I was living the good life, and now a new adventure was ahead, I just needed to make the decision.

From high school I got not only the knowledge to keep studying whatever I wanted to, I also got a bunch of new friends. Most of them were as rebel as I was basically, and the “bad” companies were so appealing to me. I had always been a good guy, apparently was time for me to experience some new stuff… No, I won’t get into the details of this either. Good guy turned “bad” does nothing but what a UNI student or a teenager would do. Music, sex, drugs, and another whole bunch of common practices, nothing to really worry about…

Stop dreaming your life, start living the dream!

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