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An interesting turn around”

Uni days went by pretty well, thanks to mum and dad whom did and would have done ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to make sure that we, the three siblings, were getting the proper education / uni degrees. Will never be able to thank to these two amazing persons what they did for the three of us. Never.

I would always have my side job, sometimes legal, most of the time it was not. So I was enjoying my days at Uni, learning how to be an Industrial Engineer while partying like a rock star and living la “vida loca”. Sorry mum and dad, I know you already know by now what was going on during my degree, I didn’t behave sometimes in such a careless way for any reason in particular. I probably thought it was just cool and convenient at the moment. I never forgot to get my assignments and homework done though.

The summer of 2002 it was going to be THE SUMMER. I didn’t even turned 22 yet and I got a job in a nightclub as the resident Dj. At this time I didn’t have much experience as a Dj, but as always I was eager and very capable to learning the skills. So there I was, counting 21, owning a car, the coolest job I could ever imagine, and an apartment I was sharing with some of my mates. Sex, drugs and Rock&Roll at its very max expression… I would sleep during day, play my music during the nights and way too often would drive my car after having a few extra drinks. Bad, very bad, it was a different time though, it didn’t feel that terrible by then. And I was young, and far too irresponsible to realize how this was going to end up…

On weekends, when there was party going on pretty much everywhere, I would not go home after my Saturday night set. I would rather jump in my car around 7 or 8 in the morning with the first sun lights, and drive for about one hour south. There was down there another “night club” (after) that would open only on daytime and up until 3 or 4 pm in the arvo every Sunday. So there I was, driving 1 hour south almost sober to drive back home for another hour north in the afternoon. This times usually not so almost sober anymore.

I did it for a while, that was The Summer after all… Up until the 28th of July 2002. This was the biggest turn around I ever had in my entire life, what was about to happen on that single day, would change my life forever. It would make me see things differently and most important, would affect not only me but my whole family, friends and beloved ones. This time I had gone way too far beyond the limits.

After 5 days in a coma, I woke up while a couple of nurses were asking things that would not make any sense at all to me. Long story short; I had absolutely no fucking idea of what the hell had happened to me. For some reason I knew something about an accident yes, I knew something had happened to me since I was in a hospital bed. But since I spent the entire 5 days in a coma, dreaming about a totally surrealistic and sci-fi kind of reality, I did not know what was going on at the moment. Not the true story at least…

My “reality” didn’t match with the reality everyone else was talking about. How could it be possible all the memories I did have at this very moment, were not real at all!! It took a while for me to understand what actually had happened. Wasn’t easy for me and it was infinitely harder for my family. They had been waiting on me for 5 long days! Not knowing whether I would survive or I would end up dying in that bed… Can you imagine how hard this has to be for a family? We love each other to bits, we absolutely adore each other, while I was having this unrealistic dream, they were begging God for me to get out of this. Damn, that is something I will never be able to compensate to them in any way. Thanks for your unconditional love and support, I didn’t deserve it by then…

After 10 days in the hospital, and too many sleepless nights they finally released me. The story during my days at the hospital and the few weeks after being released was very confusing both for me and for my family. Mostly for mum, she did have a really hard time trying to manage a situation no one has ever learnt how to deal with.

I will go back to what happened during this period of my life in a different chapter, the bottom line is, what happened was “life” giving me the grace of a second opportunity. This was my second birth, a day I will always celebrate. I was having my best summer and a second later everything was a mess and fell a part. I got out of that, and I am still alive. The only good thing good to get out of such a terrible situation was learning the lesson and making everything count from that moment on. Realizing everything can fade out completely in just a fraction of a second, changes the way you look at things… This is definitely the second inflexion point, something that changes your life in a way that neither you nor your life will ever be the same again. In first place something had beaten me up so hard I would be dizzy for a few days, then once your mind becomes clear again, the awakening takes place… What doesn’t kill you makes you strong huh? I really believe so!! However, sometimes this doesn’t happen straight away. It took longer than expected for me to realize what had happened, what could’ve happened and that I could actually die.

After a few months hesitating on what to do with my life at that moment, after some rehab and a lot of thinking about my future goals, I decided I needed to get my UNI Studies out of my way ASAP. So I put a little extra effort and finished off all the subjects that were yet left for me to get the Degree. In about one year I had gone through all the subjects and assessments I needed to. I basically condensed two years into one, getting everything done with fairly decent marks. Ok, maybe not so decent, but I didn’t fail so that’s enough…

So there I was, the end of an old adventure and a new one ahead. This time reinforced by the experiences lived so far; the bad guy in me started fading away. Note, I said the bad, not the naughty… 😉

Stop dreaming your life, start living the dream!

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