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Back in the early 2000’s I was often encouraged by fiends and family to write a book. Well not in a serious manner, but as a way of acknowledging the fairly big amount of experiences I had lived at my early 20’s… as you can imagine, I never did start writing a book, not properly at least.

This is my third blog, I started the first one when I was in Australia, deleted it by accident and started a second One. I got sick of it (I usually get sick of things and people, will dive into this later on), and finally I decided to start this one.

I’m unsure whether this is a blog or an attempt to get something outta my chest. Something that’s always been there and it’s been burning inside me for the last year and a half. Since I made the decision of coming back from Australia, a long list of unexpected “events” have happened. Gone and still going through interesting (to call them something) emotions and experiences, and I feel like I need to make some room for the new ones, so here I go. I hope vomiting what’s inside me, not literally, no stress, will help me understand what’s on in my life at the moment.

This is and will be a personal story, past events, present moments and future hopes probably. It’s not prepared I don’t have a script. This is just what it is.

When I was 16 they already called me “rebel without cause” and I never knew why… i had probably been too much of a nice quiet guy the years before. Maybe I was just discovering a completely new way of expressing myself… for whatever reason; this personal “crusade” was just started. I won’t get too much into the details cos they are unimportant now.

This is my next attempt to put some words together into something that makes any sense. My brain is pretty fucked up so do not expect to find here an intriguing doctorate on some kind of human behaviour… This, again, is a personal blog. You can read it, enjoy it and say something on the lines of: "hey dude good job!" or you might hate it, do not feel like reading it anymore and then you can just shut the fuck up.

So far so good? Thanks for reading that far, feel free to keep going and donate. Yes donate why not?!

Stop dreaming your life, start living the dream!

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