By Wikipedia: “Neuroscience (or neurobiology) Neuroscience (or neurobiology) is the scientific study of the nervous system.It is a multidisciplinary branch of biology, that deals with the anatomy, biochemistry, molecular biology, and physiology of neurons and neural circuits. It also draws upon other fields, with the most obvious being pharmacology, psychology, and medicine.”

While I got my degree in Engineering, I always thought would have done great on Psychology. I always feel fascinated about knowing how and why our brains work the way they to. What happens during the learning processes, how plastic is our brain. What are the long term effects of the changes drugs and traumatic events cause to our cognitive system.

As I was becoming more interested in nonverbal communication I realised our reptilian brain (the oldest part of our brain) is the one in charge of most things happening in our lives, and we don’t even realise how and why since this is the part of our brain we have no control over, or very little in the best case. I started reading about “neuroscience based sales”, neurolinguistic programming and the science behind the sales and communication processes.

Since I am Engineer I have the NEED to understand how things work and why. Everything needs to make sense for me to understand, that’s probably why passing the Latin Language subject at high school was such a nightmare (I did copy in that final exam, sorry). Human behaviour has always amazed me, that is why I find so fascinating getting to know more about how our brain works.

Relationships, sales, emotional intelligence, nonverbal communication… It all can be explained from a neuroscience point of view. The reasons we feel and behave the way we do can be understood when we understand better the way our brains process the incoming stimulus. Neuroscience seems to be the missing link if you will. The answer to all the questions.