Understanding Relationships

As per Corey Wayne numbers I was one of the 97% of men that did not understand women. I had read some books about the differences between men and women. “Why men don’t listen and women can’t read maps”, “Men are from Mars, Women from Venus”... There's a long list of books from different authors talk about differences between men and women. However, there’s not so many talking about how we communicate to one another.

I was at this time struggling with my girlfriend and having a hard time understanding what was going on. Most women would’ve found my situation funny and somehow obvious, but I was not getting what it was going on. So I started doing some research, and then I found Corey Wayne. You can get on his website by clicking the button down these lines. I really recommend his material and his books, everything is on his website.

After having read his book several times as he suggests, and committed to understanding relationships, I started realising, most of the things he teaches are directly related to sales, life performance and being successful and confident. His readings and endless videos on YouTube led me to start reading different authors like David Deida, life coaches like Tony Robbins, and many others I talk about on this blog.

Then I realised why I had always been orbitating to some kind of sales role during my career, why I was so fascinated about communication and language. I started teaching myself on body language and nonverbal communication. Which led me to start reading and learning about neuroscience. I had just found another one of my passions. And I am working in sales, which by the way has a lot to do with relationships (not necessarily between men and women), communication, body language emotional intelligence and neuroscience.

I made the most important and at the same way the easiest-to-made commitment of my life. This passion about understanding not only how we communicate, but also why we do it the way we do is the most fascinating thing I have ever have gotten into. And the best thing about it is that I can apply what I learn not only to my personal life but also to my professional career. Now I can't stop studying on these topics.

Every encounter with a coworker, anyone crossing paths on the street, friends, intimate relationships, business meetings, long waits at the airport, interviews… The list would never end, and they all are now fantastic opportunities to learn and grow in this field. Can you imagine how exciting I am to have found a passion that I am able to enjoy nearly 24/7?

What is your passion in life? How often are you able to practice it?

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